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Two-year-old Harley was asleep with her younger sister in their home in Eden, North Carolina. While their parents were outside welcoming their older sister home from school, the wires in the family’s laundry room caught fire and before anyone knew what was happening, the bedroom next door was consumed in flames.
Harley’s father was able to rescue his two youngest daughters and save their lives, but Harley was severely burned on 80 percent of her body and her parents were told that she was likely to pass away. Over the next several months, Harley would put up with surgery after surgery and remain hooked up to a ventilator(呼吸机)at the hospital. When she was finally released to go home, Harley had no idea that the toughest battle had not even begun yet.
When Harley started school just a few years later, she realized for the first time how cruel her peers could be. Bullied(欺凌) for her appearance and called hateful names, she began to consider ending her life while only in Grade 8. When her friends were getting their first boyfriends and going on their first dates, she was sitting at home wondering if she should end her life.
But in 2013, something changed. It was not something on the outside but something inside Harley. She made the conscious decision to become more like the carefree, laughing, joyous little girl that she had not seen since that night in 1997. So for the first time in her life, she put on a blue dress a
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