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第二部分 阅读理解 (共两节,满分40分)
Whatever your age or interests, Buxton has something to see or do to make your visit truly memorable.
High energy
If you desire physical activities, you can choose activities from swimming to horse riding. Explore the heights with Go Ape, the high wire forest adventure course, or journey beneath the earth at Poole’s Cavern. And don’t forget: we are surrounded by a natural playground just perfect for walking, caving, climbing and cycling.
High minded
Buxton is justifiably proud of its cultural life and you’ll find much to suit all tastes with art, music, opera and the performing arts at Buxton Opera House & Pavilion Arts Centre and Green Man Gallery. There are plenty of opportunities for the creative person to become involved, including workshops and events.
Keeping the kids happy
Children love the small trains and playgrounds in the Pavilion Gardens and there’s plenty more to explore at the Buxton Museum. There’s a new indoor play centre, plus the special events and workshops, and others during school holiday periods.

21. If you want to take an undergounld journey, which place is the best choice
A. Buxton Museum B. Pavilion Gardens.
C. Poole’s Caven. D. Green Man Gallery.
22. Buxton Opera House & Pavilion Arts Centre is special because it offers ________.
A. artistic and cultural activities
B. courses in modern arts
C. rides in small trains
D. basic courses in horse riding
23. If you have two kids, which place would be better
A. Go Ape B. Poole’s Cavern C. Creen Man Gallery D. Pavilion Gardens
Alice Moore is a teenager entrepreneur(创业者), who in May 2015 set up her business AilieCandy. By the time she was 13,her company was worth millions of dollars with the invention of a super-sweet treat that could save kids’ teeth,instead of destroying them.
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