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Well, I do quite a lot of sport actually. I go swimming twice a week-there’s a very good pool just around the corner from my office. I swim for an hour. I also cycle to work when I can. Besides that, I do a lot of reading and photography.
I used to go snowboarding(滑雪) quite often in the winter, but I haven’t been for a long time, although I might go this year with some friends. These days, I go cycling when I can. At the weekend, I like to cook and invite friends for dinner.
I don’t have a lot of time to myself because I have two young children. So, a lot of my free time is used to take my kids to their activities. For example, on Saturday morning, I have to take my son to his basketball games and my daughter to football practice, and then I have to ship them off to parties or friends’ houses. Two or three times a month, my wife and I go for a meal with friends. And once a month, we go to the cinema while my parents look after the kids.
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