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In the United States there was an unusual tale telling of the daughter of a mechanic (技工). One day while walking along the bank of a lake, the girl 1 to see 20 eggs laid by a wild goose. After some time the girl 2 the mother would not return to her eggs and she 3 to take them home. There she carefully 4 the eggs in the heat of a lamp. Several days 5 the eggs broke and the baby geese came into the 6 .
Geese are known to take the first living thing they see as their mother. 7 , to these young geese, the girl was their mother.
As they 8 , the girl was able to 9 her birds to run across the grass, but she could not teach them to 10 . The girl became increasingly worried about this, both when 11 and in her dreams. Later, she had an 12 : She would pilot a plane to guide them in 13 . She asked her father for a plane and he assembled(组装)a small aircraft for her.
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