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第一节 单项填空(共30小题;每小题1分,满分30分)
21. Detective Smith is considering ______ the suspect, who is considered ______ the famous work of art, with a newly-bought polygraph.
A. to test; to steal B. testing; to steal C. to test; to have stolen D. testing; to have stolen
22. The old picture will keep me____ of the old days____ I spent together with her in that village.
A. reminding, that B. reminding, when C. reminded, that D. reminded, when
23. You ______all these parcels yourself. The shop would have delivered them if you had asked a shop assistant.
A. didn’t need to carry         B. needn’t carry
C. needn’t have carried        D. didn’t need carry
24. It wasn’t long _________ the worker had the machine taken apart.
A. that B. before C. since D. when
25. Such films _____ shown yesterday ______ not worth seeing again.
A. that was, is B. as were, are C. as were, is D. those were, are
26. Most westerners dislike _____ when they are asked how old they are or how much they make.
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