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61.The old people in the village still_______ the local traditions.
A.obey B. order C. offer D. observe
62.After her trip to Berlin, she felt ________ to learn German.
A.inspired B. increased C. included D. invented
63.She spoke for an hour without once _________ her notes.
A.preferred to B. referred to C. referring to D. preferring to
64.He ________ some of his old love letters in his wife’s desk.
A.came out B. came across C. came about D. came up
65.Mail is ________ to our office twice a day.
A.delivered B. designed C. devoted D. declared
66.All over the world, people die of ________ every day.
A.hungry B. angry C. hunger D. anger
67.I don’t think we should _______ our business in the present economic climate.
A.express B. explain C. exhaust D. expand
68.It’s time we _________ all these old toys.
A.got away with B. got rid of C. to get rid of D. to get away with
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