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1.In a(n) to help preserve history, the Greek government established a committee to undertake the professional restoration of the Acropolis.
A. order B. purpose C. aim D. attempt
2.Evidence shows that the of a parent adds to the probability that a youngster will commit criminal activities.
A. disappearance B. absence C. attention D. concern
3.Before I consulted you, I had no that I should have my ability to change my life through hard work and efforts.
A. corporation B. determination C. comprehension D. presentation
4.Don’s leave your shopping on the back seat of your car--it’s an open to a thief.
A. invitation B. access C. approach D. excuse
5.--Will $200
--I’m afraid not. We need at least 50 more dollars.
A. count B. do C. fit D. satisfy
6.Before joining NBA, Michael Jordan was so ordinary a person that he was even from the high school basketball team for lack of skill.
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