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Recently a study,led by Pedro Hallal of the Federal University,suggests that nearly a third of adults,31%,are not getting enough exercise. That rates of exercise have declined is hardly a new discovery. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, technology and economic growth have helped to create a world in which taking exercise is more and more an option rather than a necessity. But only recently have enough good data been collected from enough places to carry out the sort of analysis Dr. Hallal and his colleagues have engaged in.
There are common themes in different places. Unsurprisingly,people in rich countries are less active than those in poor ones,and old people are less active than young ones.Less obviously,women tend to exercise less than men—34% are inactive,compared with 28% of men. But there are exceptions. The women of Croatia,Finland,Iraq and Luxembourg,for example,move more than their male countrymen.
Malta wins the race for most slothful country,with 72% of adults getting too little exercise,and Swaziland and Saudi Arabia are in close behind,with 69%.In Bangladesh,just 5% of adults fail to exercise enough. Surprisingly,six Americans in ten are active enough according to Dr.Hallal’s study,compared with fewer tha
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