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Skydive Greene County
Come out and let us teach you how to skydive today! We are located in Xenia, Ohio and is within a reasonable driving distance of major cities in Ohio. Situated on a private airport, Skydive Greene County offers world-class training. We didn’t start skydiving but we are Ohio’s oldest skydiving school which opened in 1961!
◆Tandem(前后纵列的) Skydiving
Tandem skydiving is required if this is your first time skydiving. After filling out paperwork and watching a short video, you will be ready to make your skydive. Somewhere around 11,500 feet you will be secured to your tandem instructor. The door will open and you exit the plane.
Your freefall with your instructor will last for approximately 40-50 seconds. We can almost guarantee this will be the most exciting minute of your life as you reach the speed of around 120 mph, falling for about two miles back to the earth!
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