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Plastic is one of the most important technological discoveries of the 20th century. However, German scientists are certain that this material may soon be replaced. The new development-liquid wood-can replace plastics in all branches of modern industries.
Plastic as a material enjoys the biggest demand in the modem world, but it does have a number of disadvantages. First, plastic is not recyclable. Second, it contains poisons that can cause cancer. Finally, plastic is made of oil, which is not endless. The liquid wood technology is able to replace plastic and providing mankind with new materials for marry years ahead. Arboforn is a new material, which can be got from soft tissues(组织) of wood. Once mixed with several other ingredients(成分), it turns into solid and non-poisonous material.
The wood -working industry separates wood into three basic things including lignin(木质素), which is not used for the production of paper. Specialists of the Faunhofer Institute mixed lignin with several natural materials and thus invented the material which could be melted and moulded(铸造).
When solid arboform looks like plastic and possesses the qualities of wood, it can be used for the production of any items.
Arboform is already used for the production of car parts. However, the new invention does not enjoy a wide use due to the high content of sulphur(硫) in it. German researchers believe tha
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