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Shakespeare’s Birthplace and Exhibition
Henley Street, Strafford-Upon-Auon Tel: 01789 204016
Shakespeare’s Birthplace Was the childhood home of William Shakespeare. Take a step back in time and see what life was like for the young Shakespeare growing up in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The house has been exactly furnished, and includes both original and copy items similar to those which would have been there in the house when Shakespeare was a boy. Beautiful painted cloths hang on the walls, brightly colored fabrics fill the rooms and his father’s glove workshop has been recreated. At the back of the house is a beautiful garden containing many plants,herbs and flowers mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays.
The neighboring exhibition shows Shakespeare’s life and focuses on many rare local items connected with him, as well as a copy of the first edition of his collected plays published in 1623.
◎Limited disabled access
◎Many restaurants close to Shakespeare’s Birthplace
◎Town center parking
◎Gift shop
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