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第一部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分50分)
Dear Daisy,
Phew! I’m so glad that day is over. I was so worried all summer that my first day at my new school would be terrible.
I’m really tired, but my first day at school went well and I feel much better now.
First of all, we had to meet outside the school building. I was very nervous because my primary school only had 300 pupils but in the secondary school there are about 1,300. What a difference! The older pupils are really big. I felt so small waiting there in front of the school.
The other problem was that I didn’t know anyone. My family moved over the summer holidays, because of Dad’s new job. So now I have to try to make some new friends. Standing in front of the school this morning, I wanted to be back at my old school with my old friends.
The head teacher came out and told us to go into the school hall. Then he called our names out to tell us which class we were in. My class teacher is called Mrs. Black. She took us to our classroom. It’s on the 5th floor and … guess what ... We aren’t allowed to use the lift. I couldn’t believe it.
When we were walking up all the stairs I started talking to another boy who didn’t know anyone. He said his family had moved from Hong Kong over the summer. He seemed really nice so we sat together when
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