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第二部分 阅读理解(满分40分)
Kids will often ignore your requests for them to shut off the TV,start their chores(杂事), or do their homework as a way to avoid following your directions. Before you know it, you’ve started to sound like a broken record as you repeatedly ask them to do their assignments, clean their rooms or take out the trash. Rather than saying,“Do your chores now.” You’ll be more effective if you set a target time for when the chores have to be completed. So instead of arguing about starting chores, just say, “If chores aren’t done by 4 pm, here are the consequences.” Then it’s up to your child to complete the chores. Put the ball back in their court. Don’t argue or fight with them,just say,“That’s the way it’s going to be.” It shouldn’t be punitive as much as it should be persuasive. “If your chores aren’t done by 4 pm., then no video game time until chores are done. And if finishing those chores runs into homework time, that’s going to be your loss.” On the other hand, when dealing with homework,keep it very simple. Have a time when homework starts,and at that time,all electronics go off and do not go back on until you see that their homework is done. If your kids say they have no homework,then they should use that time to study or read.
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