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第二部分 英语知识运用
21. She’s tired of acting, and she _______ changing for a new job, but she hasn’t made up her mind yet.
A. had considered B. has been considering C. considered D. is going to consider
22. The flowers ______ my mother, but my sister thought they were for her and took them.
A. were intended for B. intended for C. intended to give D. intended giving
23. On the bus, all the people except the driver ______ to talk and laugh during the journey.
A. encouraged B. were encouraging C. were encouraged D. was encouraged
24. The experts advise _______ our army _______ modern weapons.
A. to equip; with B. equipping; with C. to equip; for D. equipping; for
25. Do you know that _______ with wise men improves your mind
A. chat B. chats C. chatted D. chatting
26. The driver will be stopped at once if he or she is found _______ over the limited speed.
A. drive B. driving C. to drive D. driven
27. If we are not _______ the progress we have made, we will have greater success.
A. interested in B. strict in C. popular with D. content with
28. It is believed that if an event is _______, it will surely ______ the readers of the paper.
A. astonished; astonish B. astonishing; be astonished
C. astonishing; astonish D. astonished; be astonished
29. —Do you
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