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16.The present situation is very complex, so it will take me some time to_____ it.
A.take off B. put off C. figure out D. make up
17. The economic reform and opening-up policy has provided us with a good _______in which investing becomes easy.
A. condition B. environment C. state D. position
18. Chongqing doesn’t ______ me. It is so hot that I can’t _______it indeed.
A. agree on ; come up with B. agree with ; put up with
C. agree to ; end up with D. agree; catch up with
19.The beautiful city Qingdao, _____ on the east coast of China, attracts a lot of tourists every year.
A. situated B. spotting C. locating D. situates
20.The company launched a large advertising ____ for their new product.
A. camp B. campaign C. campus D. complain
21. Lots of information , as well as some timely help, ____since the organization was built.
A. has offered B. have been offered C. has been offered D. is offered
22. We feel ______ our duty to make our country a better place.
A. this B. that C. one D. it
23. __________the police thought he was the most likely one, since they had no exact evidence of it, they could not arrest (逮捕)him .
A. Although B. As if C. If only D. As long as
24. On the top of the hill _____ ,which is very famous.
A. an old temple lies B. lies an old temple
C. an old temple stands D. stands an old temple
25. It rained heavily for four days on end, completely ______ our holiday.
A. ruined B. to ruin C. ruining D. having ruined
26. Her first book___ next week is based on her true stroy.
A. to be published B. to publish C. published D. being published
27. A great idea suddenly _______ to me that I might use the pocket money to buy a tie for my father’s birthday.
A. passed B. happened C. struck D. occurred
28.—What shall we do tonight then
— ____,whatever you want.
A. Good idea B. That’s a deal C. It’s up to you D. No problem
29.Tom has such great _____ that he can lift a heavy stone onto his shoulder.
A. strength B. power C. energy D. force
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