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Before I spoke to his school, Matt was waiting for me. He sat in his wheelchair unable to move. As soon as he saw me he started smiling. He could not talk but his laugh melted the hearts of everyone walking by.
One of the teachers told me that he was actually very smart. He just could not control his muscles due to a childhood disease. He was happy and popular at his school-his parents’ love and encouragement made all the difference. On the contrary, at a book signing session, I met a girl by the name of Anne. She walked up with her mom with a bright smile. Anne asked about my book with a slur(含糊不清) in her speech indicating a slight head injury. I told her about it and she smiled the whole time and asked me to sign one for her. I did.
Five minutes later, I heard a voice from Anne’s father, "You know you will not understand the book. You aren’t smart enough." He said it so loudly that people were staring in their direction. She was absolutely crushed and her bright smile was now replaced with a look of total despair. He brought the book back to me and asked me to take it back. I asked him if he would allow me to purchase the book for Anne, but he said no with a heartless response. I thought back to Matt. He could not speak, walk, run or play but was actually very happy and even doing well in school beca
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