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136 Crestview Circle
Dover, Connecticut
January 16, 1995
Gander’s Furniture Store
Stamford, Connecticut, 09876
Dear Sir,
I am writing about your January bill, which I am returning with this letter. I am not going to pay this bill. Last month I bought a table and four chairs for $65.50. They were sent to me on December 18. That night one leg of the table broke while my wife was putting our dinner on it. It fell on one of the chair, and that broke, too. Our $ 2.50 steak(牛排) landed on the floor, and the dog ate it.
I spoke to the salesmen who had sold me the table and the chairs. He told me to write you a letter. I wrote you on December 20, saying that I was not going to pay for the furniture. On December 21 some men came and took it back to the store.
Please do something about your records. I do not want to receive another bill for the furniture which I returned.
Yours truly
Alberts Robbins
21. From the letter we can conclude that Mr Robbins had actually paid _____. for the table and the four chairs.
A. $ 65.50 B. $ 68.00 C. $ 2.50 D. no money
22. Why do you think Mr Robbins write the letter to the furniture store? _____.
A. He had paid for the furniture but was asked to pay again.
B. He didn’t want to receive a second bill for the furniture he had returned.
C. The furniture he bought was badly made and he wanted to return it.
D. He wanted the manager to scold the salesmen for the bad furniture
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