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21.The rural ________was so beautiful that he decided to stay one more week.
A. scenery B. scene C. view D.sight
22. —I’d like to have a chance, someday, to return your favor of paying for my lunch
—______. You are my best friend.
A、Thanks anyway B、Go ahead C、Take care D、Forget it
23. makes the school famous ismore than 90 percent of the students have been admitted to universities.
A、What; because B、That; because C、That; what D、What; that
24. The faces of four famous American presidents on Mount Rushmore can be seen from a ________ of 60 miles.
A、length B、distance C、way D、space
25. I think there are different waysthe problem.
A、Settle B、to settle C、settling D、settled
26. I prefer ________ the movies rather than ________ home.
A、go to; stay B、to go to; stay C、going to; staying D、to go to; staying
27. The student had no choice buthis teacherthe mistakes he had made.
A、to apologize to; for B、to apologize; for C、apologizing for; to D、to apologize for; for
28. One of the viewers says he was deeply ________ by the white cloud and black earth series performed by Zhao Benshan and Song Dandan.
A、motivated B、impressed C、expressed D、inspired
29. —In your opinion,who is the best basketball player in the world —Yao Ming. I think he has a(n)________ for basketball.
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