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Do other countries’ students also have so much homework What do they usually do in their free time You may feel curious about them.
On April 8, a report came out on the lives of high school students in China, Japan, South Korea and the US. It surveyed around 6,200 students from the four countries last year. You will find the answers to many of your questions in this report.
Who studies hardest
Chinese students spend the most time studying. Nearly half of Chinese students spend more than two hours on their homework every day. That’s much more than the students of the US (26.4%), Japan (8.2%) and South Korea (5.2%).
Who sleeps most often in class
Japanese students fall asleep in class most often. About 45% of them said they sometimes doze off in class. In South Korea, it’s 32%; in the US, 21%; and 5% in China. South Korean students don’t like taking notes. About 70% said they write down what the teacher says in class, many fewer than in Japan (93%), China (90%) and the US (89%).
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