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二. 单项填空(共20小题,每题1分,满分20分)
16.______in a white uniform.he looks more like a cook than a doctor
A. Dressed B. To dress C. Dressing D. Having dressed
17. Helookedforwardnowandthen____whetherthereisanyfamiliarfaceinthecrowd.
A.toseeB.toseeing C.sawD.tobeingseen
18. — Would you allow me ____here.
— Sorry. We don’t permit ____ in the lab.
A. smoking; smoking B. to smoke; to smoke C. smoking; to smoke D. to smoke; smoking
19. The pictures ________ us of the days ______ we spent in Beijing.
A. remember; that B. warn; when C. remind; when D. remind; that
20. If you can the time of study and rest, you are sure to enjoy everyday better.
A.gain B.gather C.balance D.digest
21. The girl ______ on the ground _____ to me that had _____ the purse on the desk.
A. lying, lay, laid B. lying, lied, laid C. lie, lied, lay D. lay, lied, lain
22. The fresh air _______ our health and we _______ it.
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