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Last July, we asked what you dream of doing as an adult. Thanks for your great responses! We wish we had room to print them all. Here are just a few.
Work and Play
My dream job is being a construction worker, but only on an amusement park.
James Martian, Age 9 ,Alaska
Royal Fashion Designer
My dream job is to sew dresses for a queen. I could make whatever design I wanted. Her breakfast dress would be blue and long. Her lunch dress is purple and medium. Her dinner dress is red and short. They would all have sparkles (闪烁的光). I think they would be pretty. I like my dream job.
Jenna Suchyta , Age 6 ,Washington
A “Police Law Fireman”
When I grow up, I want to be a policeman or a fireman or a lawyer because they help people. Maybe I will combine all three and become a “Police Law Fireman”. I can work as a policeman in the morning. I can do law things in the afternoon. I can do fireman things in the evening. But for now, I want to be a boxer to build up my muscles. I will need my strength!
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