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1. What do you think ____ solve the problem
A. you can do B. can you do
C. you can do to D. can you do to
2. In the past he often made his sister ____, but now he is often made ____ by his sister.
A. to cry; to cry B. cry; cry
C. to cry; cry D. cry; to cry
3. ______ you are on holiday, you should have a good rest and take your focus off your work.
A. Now that B. In order that
C. Even though D. As if
4. He ____ Alice for ten years.
A. married to B. has married to
C. has married D. has been married to
5. --I am sorry I didn`t do a good job.
--Never mind. ____ you have tried your best.
A. Above all B. In allC. At allD. After all
6. The differences ____ these two pictures ____ colour are easy to see.
A. in, of B. from, of C. between, in D. of, in
7. Richard got very upset and had his arms ______ after hearing the sad news.
A. to cross B. crossing C. to be crossed D. crossed
8. He seems to ____ to Jane. He knows her well.
A. have been introduced B. be introduced
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