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2017级高一新生入校检测 英语试题
( ) 1. A. theatre B. beach C. area D. idea
( ) 2. A. warm B. garden C. market D. party
( ) 3. A. school B. tooth C. choose D. blood
( ) 4. A. push B. fun C. sunshine D. ugly
( ) 5. A. basement B. favorite C. advantage D. table
6. Again and again the doctor ______ the crying baby girl, but he couldn’t find outwhat was
wrong with her.
A. looked over B. looked after C. looked for D. looked out
7. You are _____to type quickly when talking to each other on QQ so the other person doesn’t get bored.
A. suggested B. supported C. taught D. supposed
8. —Why do you collect so many old bikes
—I’ll have them ______and give away to the children who don’t have bikes.
A. used up B. given up C. fixed up D. set up
9. Why are you______ a T-shirt You’ll probably catch a cold in this cold weather
A.recycling B. wearing C. pulling D. examining
10. By the time I locked the door, I realized I ______my keys at home.
 A. had described    B. had explained    C. had forgotten    D. had left 
11. Many social workers went to Jiuzhaigou to help______ clean water and food to local people to reduce their pain from the earthquake.
A. put out   B. come out  
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