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21、Monster Hunt is such wonderful movie that I really want to see it second time.
A . a; the B. the; the C . a; a D. the ; a
22、I’m tired. This is not the right to ask me to go for a walk.
A. moment B. change C. place D. season
23、 people went to Tian’anmen Square to see flag-raising ceremony the morning
of National Day.
A. Thousands of; in B. Thousand of ; on
C. Many thousand ; in D. Thousands of ; on
24、The population of China is than country in the world.
A. much larger ; any B. large ; any other
C. much larger ; any other D. larger ; the other
25、 I saw Mr. While in his office just now.www-2-1-cnjy-com
No, it be him. He has Beijing and will come back next Friday.
A. mustn’t ; gone to B. mustn’t ;been to C. can’t ; been to D. can’t ; gone to
26、 This is a non-smoking room, could you please your cigarette?
Sorry, I’ll do it right now.
A. put out B. put on C. put up D. put off
27、It is cruel them to catch the sharks and cut their fins.
A. of; down B. for; off C of; off D. for; down
28、 Is this iphone 7? It’s so cool.
No, it isn’t .It is .
A. Tina; his B. Tin
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