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II.Choose the best answer(选择最恰当的答案)(共20分)
26. Which of the following underlined parts is different in pronunciation?
A) method B)schedule C) text D) serious
27. We have to share the kitchen for _______ time being.【来源:21·世纪·教育·网】
A) a B)an C) the D)/
28. The local government is planning to dig _______ the mountain to make a tunnel(隧道).
A) across B)through C) above D)throughout
29. The film Wolf Warriors 11turned _______ to be a big success in 2017.
A) out B)over C) on D) down
30. She is brave enough to express _______ in public now.21·世纪*教育网
A) she B)her C) herself D) hers
31. The old man has so _______ friends that he feels very lonely.
A) few B)much C) many D) little
32. People are worried about the _______ of the 7-year-old boy who has been missing for two days.
A) save B)safe C) safely D) safety
33. Jane felt much _______ after she told her worries to her close friend.
A) good B)better C) best D) the best
34. —Can I fish here?
—No, you
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