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( )21.In China, it is _______ to use your chopsticks to hit ______ empty bowl.
A.polite ,a B.impolite ,an C.polite an D.impolite a
( )22. -Do you know the price of the ticket -Yes. Each 180 yuan.
A. pays B. takes C. costs D. spends
( )23.-Could you please tell me where_____ the post office
-_______ I didn’t hear it clearly.
A. to find, pardon B.can I find ,sorry C. how to find, pardon D.find, Excuse me
( )24. Everyone except Tom and John there when the meeting began.
A. are B. is C. were D. was
( )25. This black schoolbag doesn’t belong to _____. Maybe it’s______.
A. mine;Fred B. me;Fred’s C. mine;Fred’s D. me;Fred
( )26. There is a strange _____ in the kitchen. I think the meat has gone bad.
A. voice B. smell C. noise D. taste
( )27. Look! There is some paper on the ground. Let’s ________.
A.pick it up B.pick up it C.pick them up D.pick up them
( )28. This pair of shoes______hand.
A. is made with B. are made from C. are made of D. is made by
( )29.-Someone is knocking at the door, dad! -Go and see ________.
A. who is it B. who it is C. who was it D. who it was
( )30.It was ______ lovely weather that we decided to go for a picnic.
A.so B.such C.such a D.so a
( )31.-Why do many people buy things online on the 11th of November every year
- Because there are man
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