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==========31. After watching Rio Olympics I want to be____volleyball player, because I love playing____volleyball.
A. the; B. a; C. the; The
32. —The air is so fresh here.
—Of course. ____ of the land in this area is covered with trees and grass.
A. Three fifths B. Three fifth C. Fifth three
33. — Helen, your kite is really beautiful. Is it made ____ paper
— Yes, it is. And it was made ____ Weifang, Shandong.
A. of; in B. from; by C. by; from
34. —Dad, little Tommy broke my new toy again.
—Don’t be upset. ____ of us is perfect, you know.
A. All B. None C. Both
35. So far, the AIIB(亚投行)_____ 57 countries to be the founding members.
A. attracted B. has attracted C. will attract

36. —The Long March 7 ___ successfully on June 25th, 2016.
—Yes. We Chinese are proud of it.
A.is lunched B. was lunched C. lunches
37. —Mike, don’t play computer games any more. You’re ___ your time.
— Sorry, Mom. I won’t do it again.
A. Wasting B. taking C. making
38. ______will your father return from Cuba In a few days.
A. How soon B. How often C. How long
39.We should save our non-renewable resources, or they will ____ one day.
A. give out B. run out C. put out
40. There is no doubt ____ our country is becoming stronger and stronger.
A. that B. if
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