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One hot summer afternoon, a rabbit went down to a river to drink some water. He saw ____21____ in the river when he was drinking.
"Look at my long beautiful ears," the rabbit said to himself. "I’m so proud of them. ____22____look at my legs! They are too____23____ and make me look silly."
After the rabbit finished drinking, he turned around and was ready to ____24____. Then he found a tiger was jumping on him.___25___ his short legs, the rabbit began to run as ____26____as the wind. The tiger could not catch up with him.
"I’m ___27____ now," said the rabbit happily when he stopped running. But the tiger appeared again after 5 ____28____. Just at the moment, the rabbit saw the tiger and he wanted to run away. But it was ____29____ late. The tiger caught him by his long ears.
That was the ____30____ of the rabbit.
21.A.a rabbit B.a tiger C.himself
22.A.So B.But C.And
23.A.short B.quick C. long
24.A.rest B.leave C.sleep
25.A. With B.By C.Under
26.A.quick B.possible C.quickly
27.A.happy B.brave C.safe
28.A.hours B.moments C. minutes
29. A.much B.too C.very
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