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( )21. You can improve your English ______ listening to tapes.
A. by B. with C. of D. in
( )22. -Look at the young lady in blue. Is it Mary?
-No. It _____ be her. She is wearing a white dress today.
A. mustn’t B. might C. can’t D. needn’t
( )23. Books are our good friends because ______ we read, _____ our future will be.
A. more; better B. the more; the better C. most; best D. the most; the best
( )24. Drivers should have _________.
A. earrings B. uniforms C. licenses D. clothes
( )25. - _______ Jim _______ Tom went to watch the movie.
-What a pity! They missed such a wonderful movie.
A. Either; or B. Both; and C. Neither; nor D. Not only; but also
( )26. Yesterday Li Ping went to the city ______ he visited five years ago.
A. where B. who C. that D. whom
( )27. My mum says that the floor must ______ every day.
A. clean B. will clean C. be cleaning D. be cleaned
( )28. - Look at this picture. I ______ it for six years.
- Wow, it is beautiful.
A. bought
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