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1—5 ACCAB 6—10 BACBC
11—15 ABBCA 16—20 BEDAC
21—25 BDBAD 26—30 ABCCD 31—35 CBDAD
36—40 CADDB 41—45 BDCBC
46—50 ABDAC 51—55 ABBCC
56—60 CCACD 61—65. DCBEA
五. 词语运用
66.visited 67.lying 68.interesting 69.beaches 70. camp
71.swam 72. problems 73. with 74. what 75. Luckily
76.I’m going to Britain for my holiday
77. Sure/Of course/No problem
78. And you shouldn’t talk loudly in public places/ You ‘d better not speak liudly in public places
79. What should I call people there
80.Have a nice trip
Healthy Living Habits
As we all know, healthy living habits are very important for us. If we want to live a healthy life, what should we do The following is my opinions.
All of us want to be healthy. First, we should get enough sleep every night. It’s a good habit to go to bed and get up early. Second, we should have the right kinds of food. As the saying goes, “ An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” We should eat fruit and vegetables every day. Third, it is important to drink enough water, or we may get sick. Fourth, it is necessary for us to have regular meals. It can help us develop good eating habits. Last, we had better do more exercise to build up our bodies. It is good to do sports at least three times a week.
If we do as the things above, we will have a healthy life.
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