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(  )21.—Hi,John.______?—It’s Lucy,my dog.Her leg is hurt.
A.How are you B.What’s the matterC.Who’s that D.What’s Lucy like
(  )22.—Could you take out the rubbish—______I have to make my bed.
A.Yes,sure. B.Why notC.No,I couldn’t. D.Sorry,I can’t.
(  )23.—How was the youth club last night,Mike—It was great fun.You ______come.
A.must B.can C.should D.may
(  )24.—Mom,I’m tired of doing too much homework every day.
—Oh,dear,without hard work,you can’t ______your dream.
A.choose B.come trueC.encourage D.achieve
(  )25.We can invite Nick and Nora to Shanghai Disneyland with us.—___?I’ll give them a call right now.
A.Why not B.What for C.Why D.What
(  )26.I______my hair when she called me.
A.washing B.was washingC.wash D.am washing
(  )27.You will fall behind others ______ you work hard.
A.if B.unless C.although D.since
(  )28.—Where is your father—He______London.He ______there once before.
A.has been to;has gone to B.has gone to;has been to
C.has gone to;has been D.has been to;has gone
(  )29.—How long have you studied French? —______.
A.For 4 years B.4 years agoC.Since 4 years D.4 years before
(  )30.What a nice day!We should go sightseeing ______watching TV in the hotel.
A.because of B.out ofC.instead of D.think of
(  )31.—I haven’t been to Wuhan.How about you? —______.
A.Me too B.Me neitherC.So do I D.Neither am I
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