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第II卷 笔试部分 (95分)
26.—How was the food in the town
—Terrible, we still had a good time there.
A. or B. so C. but D. because
27. He had to sell his own car even though it was ____ his own wishes.
A. above B.on C. for D. against
28. You can spend a holiday and learn English here ________.
A. in time B. at the same time C. at times D. on time
29. —Have you bought for Linda’s birthday
—Not exactly. Just some flowers.
A. something unusual B. anything unusual
C. unusual something D. unusual anything
30. The spaceship _______ to the space station. It brought back two astronauts.
A. has gone B. have been C. has been D. have gone
31. —May I speak to Mr. Black
—Sorry, he ________ Hong Kong, but he _______ back in a few days.
A. has been to; will come B. has been to; came
C. has gone to; will come D. has gone to; came
32. I _______ much exercise since I _______ my computer last year.
A. didn’t do; got B. haven’t done; got
C. haven’t done; have got D. haven’t took; got
33. Don’t be afraid of new words. You can in the dictionary.
A. look at them B. look for them
C. look them up D. look them over
34. My brother has the army for three years.
A.joined B.taken part i
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