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( )21.-________
-I have a fever.
A.How are you doing? B.Are you all right?
C.What’s the matter with you? D.Do you have a fever?【来源:21•世纪•教育•网】
( )22.-Mum,I have a cold.
-You________go to a doctor.I’ll take you to hospital.【版权所有:21教育】
A.should B.shouldn’t C.need D.needn't
( )23.Some people plan to________a volunteer project to help the disabled children.
A.put up B.think up C.set up D.cheer up
( )24.The meeting didn’t begin________Mr.Lee came.He was the host of the meeting.
A.while B.because C.until D.since
( )25.Liu Ying was very sad. Let’s sing songs to ________.21教育名师原创作品
A. cheer up her B. cheer her up C. give up her D. give her up
( )26.She________a newspaper while her father was watching TV.
A.was reading B.read C.reads D.is reading
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