[ID:4-3798476]广西省平南县2017年春季期八年级英语科期考试题(扫描版 含答案及听力)
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一、1-4 CDAB 5-10 ABABCC 11-15 BCAAC 16-20 BCACB 21-25 BCABA
26. 8 / eight 27. bus 28. half 29. Mr. Li 30. report
二、31-35 CACBD 36-40 CBDDA 41-45 BBDCA
三、46-50 BCDCA 51-55 BABCD
四、56-60 BADDC 61-65 ABCBD 66-70 CBADD
五、71. deep 72. southern 73. wife 74. rapid 75. count
76. brave 77. scarf 78. camera 79. forever 80. keeper
六、81. boys 82. running 83. heavily 84. myself 85. illness
86. Yes, they can. / Yes.
87. Singapore Zoo.
88. Two.
89. Los Angeles.
90. London’s Natural History Museum.
My favorite story is Journey to the West. It tells one of the most popular stories in China. The Monkey King can make 72 changes to his body. He is able to turn himself into different animals and objects. He is also able to make his magic stick small or large. He keeps fighting to help the weak and never gives up. I love the Monkey King. The story is very interesting and wonderful. So I like it.
1. Peter has borrowed a book from the school library.
2. Qomolangma is the highest mountain in the world.
3. I have had the coat since five years ago.
4. China is famous for the Great Wall.
5. How long have you kept the cat
6. What kind of stories do you like
7. Which is the longest river in China
8. Have you read the new magazine yet
9. How many times have you been to New
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