[ID:4-6433865] [精]外研版八年级上册英语期末复习学案:名词、代词归类与检测(含答案)
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内容包括外研英语八上12个模块的全部名词、代词,按从A. B. C. D......到......X,Y,Z 的次序进行排列,每个单词都提供了音标、中文和自测,同时还提供了这两种词性的过关检测题, 后面附有参考答案。
( )1. My friend gave me ________ on English learning.
A. advices B. many advice C. some advice D. an advice
( )2. I can’t read this word. Can you tell me its right _______?
A. grammar B. spelling C. pronunciation D. conversation
( )3. We don’t often hear from them, but we often send _____ to each other by mobile
A. informations B. newspaper C. advice D. messages
( )4. I have read so ______, but there _______ no exciting news.
A. many newspapers; is B. much newspapers; are
C. many newspaper; is D.much newspaper; is
( )5. Americans often talk about the weather to start a ________.
A. composition B. conversation C. competition D. population
( )6. One of his telephone _______is 7956896.
A. number B. numbers C. notebooks D. books
( )7. London is the ________ of the UK
A. region B. area C. place D. capital
( )8. Hainan is the second largest____________in China.
A. mountain B. coast C. island D. village
( )9. ---Lily, don’t forget to bring your________. It is rainy (下雨的). ---OK, Mum.
A. umbrella B. book C. bag D. pencil
( )10. A car_______happened last night and many people died in it.
A.accident   B.activity C.earthquake D.electricity
( )11. The man with a pair of _________drank two_______ of coffee.
A.glass; glasses B. glasses; glasses C. glasses; glass D. glass; glass
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