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( )21.What does your brother want _______ when he grows up
A. to be B. be C. am D. is
( )22.---Who is ______, Tom, Jim or David ---I think Jim is.
A. strongest B. stronger C. the stronger D. the strongest
( )23._______ went hiking because of the bad weather.
A. Someone B. No one C. Everyone D. Nothing
( )24.I’m _______ tired ______run. Let’s stop and relax.
A. so, that B. very, to C. much too, that D. too, to
( )25.The little girl always _______ newspapers to her grandma.
A. watches B. sees C. reads D. looks
( )26.We can finish the work with less money and _______ people.
A. less B. fewer C .few D. more
( )27.The post office is close __________our school.
A. at B. between C. to D. by
( )28.---Look ! Some people are running the red lights.
--- We should wait _________ others are breaking the rules.
A. if B. although C. unless D. because
( )29.The students can’t stand ______ the teacher when the class is over.
A. to listen B. listen to C. listening D. listening to
( )30.He is old enough to do it________.
A. him B. themselves C. himself D. They
( )31. Tina’s cousin is a violinist. He can play ______ violin very well.
A. an B. the C. an D.
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