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一 、听力理解
第一节 听下面5段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳答案。每段对话读两遍。
1. W: We’ll have a three-day holiday on Mid-autumn Day. Shall we go to Mount Tai
M: Good idea! Fall is the best season to climb mountains.
2. M: Would you like to go to the West Lake with me on Sunday
W: Sure. Let’s ride a bike there.
M: I think it’s too far to ride a bike. We’d better take the subway. It’s fast and easy.
W: All right.
3. M: Were you born in the morning, Dawn
W: No. I was born in the afternoon and my sister was born in the evening.
4. M: Hi, Gao Yang! Does your grandma live in your hometown now
W: No, she doesn’t. She lived in our hometown, Changchun, last year. But now she lives in Guangzhou with my uncle. She will come to Hangzhou and live with us next month.
5. W: Is there a sports center in your community
M: Yes, there is. It’s at the back of the community.
第二节 听下面几段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后有几个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳答案。每段对话或独白读两遍。
M: Hi, Liu Mei. Where did you go on holiday
W: I went to Yunnan with my friends.
M: Was the weather there nice
W: Yes, it was. It was sunny and cool.
M: What did you do there
W: We climbed the mountains and boated on the lake.
M: Did you take pictures
W: Yes, I did. I will show them to you tomorrow. Did you go away on holiday, Li Lei
M: No, I didn’t. I stayed at home and watched TV.
M: Hi, Jane! We’ll have an English party this Friday. What do you want to do at the party
W: Great! I want to play the guitar.
M: What else can you do
W: I can sing English songs. You know, I’m good at it.
M: Would you like to play the guitar and sing English songs at the party
W: Sure. I’d like to.
Victor is an English boy. His school is not far from his home. It takes him only ten minutes to go to school by bus. But he’s often late for school because he can’t get up early.
It’s a fine day today. Victor wants to get to school on time. So he gets up early. He has breakfast and then goes to school. He walks to the bus station and takes a bus at seven o’clock. His first class begins at eight. But today he is also late. Do you know why Because he takes a wrong bus!
M: Look at the picture! There’s a river, a farm, a zoo and a garden in it.
W: Where is the zoo
M: It’s in front of the farm.
W: Are there any elephants in the zoo
M: No, but there are some monkeys in it.
W: Where is the river
M: It’s behind the farm.
W: What a beautiful picture! I like it.
M: I like it, too.
第三节 听下面5篇短文,找出与所听短文内容相符的图片。短文读两遍。
16. Christmas is the most important festival in many countries. It is on December 25th. People celebrate around a Christmas tree. They often eat turkey and Christmas cakes and give each other presents.
17. Lantern Festival is a Chinese festival. It’s on lunar January 15th. It means the end of Spring Festival. On this day, people eat sweet dumplings for good luck, watch lantern shows and guess riddles on lanterns.
18. Teachers’ Day in China started in 1985. It comes on September 10th. On this day, students give cards or flowers to their teachers to show their love and thanks for their teachers.
19. There is a festival for harvest in China. It’s Mid-autumn. It comes on lunar August 15th. On this day people get together and eat moon cakes while they enjoy the bright full moon.
20. Easter Day comes on a Sunday between March 22nd and April 25th. Many people believe Christ came back to life on Easter Day. People make colorful eggs to celebrate the festival.

一、1—5 ACBCA 6—10 BCACB 11—15 AACBA 16—20 BDEAC
二、21—25 BCCAC 26—30 BCABA 31—35 CBBCC
三、36—40BBBBB 41—45BAAAC
四、46—50 CABAC 51—55 CDADB 56—60ECDBA
五、61. celebrate 62. cake 63. children 64. are 65.take
66. having 67. because 68.each 69.nice 70. with
六、71. October 72. Fresh 73.twelfth 74.special 75.newspapers
76.safe 77.change 78.acoss 79.mice 80. preparing
七、81. What’s the date today
82. Who do you plan to go there with
83. How is the weather there / What’s the weather like there
84. What should I take
85. I hope you have a good / great /nice /wonderful time .
Dear Zhang Hua,
How is everything going
I’m glad to know you will go on a trip with your friends on your summer holidays .You should prepare well for it . Before your trip , You should plan where you want to go . You should know something about the weather there and take the right clothing . You should carry a map and decide what you want to visit . On the trip , you should be careful . Don’t go to dangerous places . You should only drink safe water . If your trip is in the summer , you should drink lots of safe water . You should put on a hat and a pair of sunglasses and you shouldn’t stay in the sun too long . If you like to swim , remember you shouldn’t swim alone .
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