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Ⅱ. 单项选择。(每小题1分,共10分)
21. I have _____ old pen and ____pen is blue.
A. an; the B. a; the C. an; a D. a; /
22. You’d better _______at the little boy.
A. aren’t shout B. don’t shout C. not to shout D. not shout
23. The story is ______. Look !Tom is reading it with a smile.
A. interested B. interest C. interesting D. boring
24. Please remember ______me your summer holiday plans.I want to know them very much.
A. telling B. to tell C. tell D. told
25. —The Voice of China is popular with young people, do you like Jay Zhou or Yang Kun?
A. Yes, I do. B. I like them very much
C. No, I don’t D. It’s hard to say
26. Which sign means “No right turn”?
A. B. C. D.
27. —Hello, can you tell me the way to the supermarket?
— Sorry, I don’t know, I just moved here yesterday.
A. Thank you all the same. B. The same to you
C. You’re welcome D. You’re right.
28. There is ______ and some fruits on the desk.
A. egg B. some water C. some eggs D. books
29. —________do you go to the library?
— Seldom.
A. How often B. How long C. How many times D. How much
30. We ______ any English classes yesterday, we ______an English class now.
A. don’t have; are having B. didn’t have; having
C. didn’t have; are having D. doesn’t have; have

Ⅲ. 完形填空。(每小题1.5分,共15分)
The Spring Festival is very important in China. People 31 it to welcome the coming of a new lunar(农历)year.
It's the day before Spring Festival. Everyone 32 very happy. It's a happy time for Li Hai's family. Look! Li Hai's mother is 33 the yard. She wants to sweep away(扫除; 清除) 34 luck. Li Hai's father doesn't like white or green, and he thinks black isn't lucky, so he is painting(涂)the doors 35 . Li Hai's sister is decorating the house with paper cutting(剪纸). Li Hai's brother is sitting in front of the television 36 he is waiting for Wang Yuan. Wang Yuan is his favourite star. 37 is the boy? He is Li Hai's friend, Jack. He is helping Li Hai's grandmother 38 dumplings. Oh, where's Li Hai? I can't see 39 . Wow, he's sending greetings to his 40 teacher by e-mail. He likes English very much.
31. A. celebrated B. celebrates C. is celebrating D. celebrate
32. A. are B. am C. is D. be
33. A. cleaning B. hurting C. sitting D. driving
34. A. bad B. good C. fine D. nice
35. A. white B. green C. black D. red
36. A. but B. and C. or D. so
37. A. Where B. How C. Who D. What
38. A. making B. makes C. made D. make
39. A. him B. her C. you D. he
40. A. Chinese B. English C. math D. history
Ⅳ. 阅读理解。(41-43每小题1分,44-59每小题2分,共35分)

41. Who found a model plane?
A. Rick B. Lily C. Tom D. David
42. What’s in the Lost and Found box?
A. a model plane B. A school ID card C. a red watch D. a telephone
43. David wants to rent a house with________.
A. a swimming pool B. a garden C. two kitchens D. three bedrooms
In Junior High School in America, kids study English, writing, math, science, biology, music and art.
At 12 o’clock, the students eat lunch at school. They have meat, vegetables, fruit, bread and some drinks, but they like hot dogs and hamburgers best. American kids like sugar (糖), and after the meal , they can have a small piece of cake.
Students sleep (睡觉) for a short time after lunch. They begin classes at 1:30 in the afternoon. They go to school on weekdays and have classes for six hours every day and then return home.
They usually have dinner at 6:00 p. m. After dinner, they do their homework and their parents let them play or watch TV, sometimes kids and their parents have a family activity after dinner.
44. What do the students like best for lunch at school?
A. Meat and fruit. B. Hot dogs and hamburgers.
C. Hot dogs and sugar. D. Bread and hamburgers.
45. In America, students go to school __________ days a week.
A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 7
46.The children usually do the following(下列的) things after dinner except (除…之外)_______.
A. doing homework B. playing C. watching TV D. going shopping
47. The best title(标题)for the passage (短文) is ______.
A. Favorite food B. Junior high school
C. Outdoor activities D. School life in America

Mr. Smith has a son. His name is Peter Smith. The young boy works in a bank in a city. He asks his father to visit the city. The old man is very happy and takes a train to the city. But he doesn't know where the bank is. He begins to look for but he can't find it.
At a bus stop he asks an old woman “Excuse me, how can I get to the bank? "“We have ten banks in the city, which one do you want? "says the old woman.
The old man shows the son's letter to her and the old woman says, “Walk along this road and turn left at the third crossing, then you can see the bank, It's across from a hospital.”
Mr. Smith thanks her and soon finds his son. After three days, the old man goes to the park. But he can't find the bank again. At the same bus stop he meets the same old woman and asks the same questions(问题). “Oh, dear!” the old woman call out. “Are you still looking for your son?”
48. The man came to the city________.
A. by bus B. by ship C. on foot D. by train
49. The underlined word “it” refers to(指代)________.
A. the bus stop B. the bank C. the hospital D. the park
50. How many banks are there in the city?
A. two B. five C. ten D. three
51. From the passage(文章), we know______.
A. the old man is new here but he knows the bank
B. the old woman is very kind and helps the old man
C. the park is across from the hospital
D. the old man is still looking for his son

Mrs. Black is a music teacher in a school. She lives in an apartment building in Star Community. She is kind and her neighbors like her.
Larry lives next to Mrs. Black. He has a guitar. He always plays the guitar at night but he can’t play it well. It’s very noisy. All his neighbors can’t sleep and they are angry about it.
One Sunday, Larry comes to Mrs. Black's house and wants to learn playing the guitar from Mrs. Black. Mrs. Black says, "Young man, I would like to teach you to play the guitar, but not today. I must talk with you first. I'm happy that you also like music, but it's not good to play the guitar at night." From that day, Larry doesn't play the guitar at night and his neighbors begin to like him again.
52. ____________, so her neighbors like her.
A. Mrs.Black is a teacher. B. Mrs.Black is beautiful
C. Mrs.Black is kind. D. Mrs.Black’s life is colorful.
53. What kind of home does Mrs. Black live in?
A. A townhouse B. An apartment. C. A farmhouse D. A hall
54. The underlined (划线的)word “angry” means“ _____".
A. 无聊的 B. 生病的 C. 生气的 D. 悲伤地
55. Which is TRUE according to the passage?
A. Larry makes a lot of noise at night. B. Larry works in a hospital.
C. Larry likes playing sports D. Larry lives far from Mrs. Black

In most parts of the world there are four seasons. They are spring, summer, fall and winter.
In different seasons people wear different clothes and do different things. For example, in summer the weather is hot, so people usually wear cool clothes and do things like swimming, boating or surfing.
But near the polar regions(极地), there are only two seasons: winter and summer. In winter, nights are long. For more than two months you can’t see the sun. In summer, days are long and the sun is always in the sky. There are no nights.
The people living near the North Pole(北极) are called Inuit(伊特人). In summer they live in tents and catch deer for food. In winter they live in small round snow houses. They can build a snow house, they make holes(洞) in the ice and catch fish and seals(海豹). They eat much meat but not many vegetables.
56. How many seasons are there in the polar regions?
A. two B. three C. four D. one
57. In summer, people usually wear ______clothes and do things like swimming, boating or ____
A. cool; skating B. warm; flying C. cool; surfing D. cold; flying
58. Which sentence is NOT TRUE?
A. We wear cool clothes in summer.
B. Inuit build snow houses in winter.
C. In summer, days are long and the sun always in the sky near the polar regions.
D. Inuit eat little meat but many vegetables.
59. We can read this passage from________.
 A.a magazine   B. a story book C. an advertisement(广告) D. newspaper
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