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1.Because of the hot weather, the sea level _all the time.
A. is risen B. is raised C. is raising D. is rising
2.We need to do some research to the answer.
A. find out B. look out C. hand out D. take out
3.The animal is ________scary.
A. a kind B. kind of C. kinds of D. kind
4. _______, or we will be late for school.
A. Put up B. Take up C. Look up D. Hurry up
5. — Look at my new watch! — How beautiful!____________, where did you buy it
A. On the way B. In the way C. By the way D. In this way
6.My father is a policeman. He is ________ help with my lessons.
A. enough busy to B. busy enough to C. too busy to D. very busy to
7.— Could you teach me how to use the computer —___________.
A. Never mind B. Not at all C. No problem D. That’s all right
8. — Excuse me, sir. I’m afraid you can’t smoke here. This is non-smoking area.
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