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1.—It’ s reported that the Chinese ___________ more than 40 minutes a day reading WeChat(微信).
—It’ s true. But I think WeChat is taking too much of our time.2-1-c-n-j-y
A. spend B. cost C. pay D. take
2.--What kind of home do you ________? --A flat the centre of the city.21*教*育*名*师
A. live; at B. live; in C. live in; on D. live in; in21-cnjy*com
3.If a girl doesn't know _____ to wear or to dress up, she can ask her best friend for help.
A. how; what B. what; what C. what; how D. how; how21•世纪*教育网
4.--What _______your elder brother _______? -- He’s friendly.
A. is, like B. does; like C. is; look like D. does; look
5.If you are hungry ,______ some sandwiches ?
A. why not to have B. why not have C. why don’t have D. why don’t to have
6.All the children are looking forward to ______ new friends.
A. meetting B. to meet C. meeting D. meet
7.My mother does not feel _________.She will go to see a doctor after work.
A. ill B. well C. lucky D. sick
8.There is _____with my cousin’s computer .I will help him____it this afternoon.
A. wrong something; to fix B. something wrong; fix
C. something wrong; fixing D. wrong something; fixing
9.The snow makes them______ cold, so they want to make a fire_______ warm.
A. feel , to keep B. to feel, keep C. feel, keep D. to feel ,to keep
10.There_______ “The Reader”on CCTV-1 this Saturday evening.
A. wi
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