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1.—Where is Linda? I can’t find her anywhere.
—She ___________ the flowers in the garden.
A. waters B. watered C. is watering
2.—Mum, where is Dad?
—He ________a speech for tomorrow’s meeting.
A. was preparing B. is preparing
C. has prepared D. will prepare
3.Look! Some people ________ photos on the beach.
A. took B. takes C. are taking D. take
4.—Our teacher often ____ games with us after class. 21教育网
—Your teacher is so nice.
A. play B. played C. is playing D. plays
5.Don’t worry, sir. I’m sure I can run __________ to catch up with them.21•世纪*教育网
A. slowly enough B enough slowly C. fast enough D. enough fast
6.—Thank you for telling me the good news.
— .
A. You are right B. No problem C. That’ s right D. It’ s a good idea.www-2-1-cnjy-com
7.There __________ many apples on the tree last year.【21教育】
A. have been B. were C. are D. is
8.—What does your sister __________?
—She is tall and has short black hair.
A. look at B. look for C. like D. look like21*教*育*名*师
9.—Is Tina an outgoing girl?
—No, she’ s kind of __________. Her face always turns red when she speaks in public.
A. shy B. active C. relaxed D. funny
10.—Is there a watermelon on the table?
A. Yes, there is. B. Yes, it is.
C. No, there is. D. No, it isn’ t.
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