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二、单项选择(共 8 分,每题 1 分)
( )28. — do you usually sleep every night, Peter
—For about nine hours.
A.What time B. How much C. How long D. Why
( )29. There milk and apples in the fridge. You can eat some.
A. Has B. Are C. is D. have
( )30. watch TV now. The baby is sleeping.
A. Don’t be B. / C. Can’t D. Don’t
( )31. —How was your last trip to the countryside
—Great. We much fun time on the hill.
A. spend B. spent C. take D. took
( )32.It’s so difficult the mountain in a rainy day.
A. Climb B. that we can climb C. not to climb D. to climb
( )33. Dumplings Chinese people.
A. all in all B. across from C. are popular with D. are in danger
( )34. —Look! Mary .
—Oh, no! She can’t in class.
A. talk, talk B. talking, talk C. talks, talks D. is talking, talk
( )35. —
—Well, he is tall and handsome with glasses.
A. What does your uncle like B. What would your uncle like
C. What does your uncle look like D. What do you think of your uncle==================资料简介======================

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