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第二部分 英语知识运用 ( 共二节, 满分30分)

第一节 单项填空 (共15小题,每小题1分, 满分15分)
( )21、---_____ the weather________ Hangzhou?
---Sunny but cold.
A. Where’s of B. What’s in C. How’s in D. How’s of
( ) 22. --- How is it going?
A. Hot B. Great C. Sure D. Of course
( ) 23. Please go__________ this street and take the first turning on the right.
A. along B. at C. in D. to
( ) 24. There________ some children in the classroom.
A. have B. is C. are D. has
( ) 25. ---_____________?
--- She’s a little heavy,
A. How’s your mother? B. What does your mother like?
C. What does your mother look like? D. How’s your mother like?
( ) 26. Ms Li is our Chinese teacher. She has___________ hair.
A. beautiful long black B. black beautiful long
C. long beautiful black D. beautiful black long
( ) 27. Julie would like___________ TV.
A. watch B. to watch C. watching D. watches
( ) 28. I’d like some__________ and_________.
A. juice, vegetable B. salad, tomatoes
C. potato, bananas D. pear, soup
( ) 29. For dinner, milk_____ nice, but potatoes_________ not very healthy.
A. are, are B. is, is C. is, are d. are, is
( ) 30. His brother likes eating_________ and_________ noodles for breakfast.
A. beef, carrots B. beefs, carrot C. beefs, carrots D. beef, carrot
( ) 31. It_________ cloudy last Sunday, so I_________ TV at home.
A. is, watched B. was, watch C. was, watched D. is, watch
( ) 32. --- Did your mother go shopping last Monday?
---Yes, she__________.
A. does B. was C. did D were
( ) 33.Susan and her classmates__________ to the mountain last week.
A. don’t go B. didn’t go C. isn’t going D. aren’t going
( ) 34. __________ did your mother go?
---She went to Hangzhou.
A. Where B. How C. What D. Who
( ) 35. ---Are there any animals in the zoo?
A.Yes, there aren’t. B. Yes, there are C. No, they aren’t D. Yes, they are
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