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16.I like playing soccer, but my friend likes playing _______violin. We have different hobbies.
A. a B. an C. the D. /
17.----Jim, did you see my school coat?
----There is one on the school playground. Is it _______?
A. her B. mine C. your D. yours
18. Please go__________ this street and take the first turning on the right.
A. along B. at C. in D. to
19. Let me ______ a message for you.
A. to take B. take C. takes D. taking
20.- ______ does it take you to the bank?
- About half an hour.
A. What time B. How far C. How many D. How long
21.Don’t ______ the baby. He went to sleep five minutes ago.
A. get up B. stay up C. wake up D. cut up
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