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Module1 ??Classmates
1. be from = come from?来自
I?am from?China. = I?come from?China.?我来自中国。
??Where?are?you?from = Where?do?you?come from ?你来自哪儿?
2. ---What’s your name??
---What’s his name?
?---What’s her name
??---My name is Tom. / I’m Tom.
---His name is Daming. ??---Her name is Lingling.
3. ---How old are you ??????---How old is he / she
??---I’m 15 years old. ??????---He / she is 14 years old.
4. ---What class?are you?in ??????---What class?is he?in
??---I?am in?Class 1,?Grade 7.?????---He is?in Class 1, Grade 7.
5.?Good?to see you. =?Nice to?see you. =?Glad to?see you.?见到你很高兴。
6. What about?…= How about?…?怎么样(询问)?What / How about your school life
7. the capital of…?…的首都????Beijing is?the capital of?China.
8. a very big city?一个非常大的城市 ??Shanghai is?a very big city.
9.?first?name =?given?name?名字 ???last?name =?family?name?姓
10. welcome to sp.?欢迎来到某地 ??Welcome to?China.
11. I’m from?China. I’m?Chinese. I can speak?Chinese.
???I’m from?England. I’m?English. I can speak?English.
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