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I 听 力
( )1. A. Tokyo B. Toronto C. Sydney
( )2. A. eating dinner at the mall
B. watching TV at home
C. talking on the phone
( )3. A. videos B. potatoes C. photos
( )4. A. did B. had C. read
( )5. A. how about B. at home C. in fact
你将听到10段对话,每段对话后有一个小题。请在每小题所给的A,B,C三个选项中选 出最佳选项。每段对话读两遍。两遍之间停顿4秒。
( )6. Which one is right
A./ B. / C. /
( )7. Which one is right
A. / B. / C. /
( )8. What does the boy want
A. / B. / C. /
( )9. Whose ID card is lost
A. B. C.

( )10. What’s this
A . B. C.

( )11. Who will bring the photo of the family to school
A. Sam B. Jim C. Nancy
( )12. Does Gina have some more paper
A. We don’t know B. Yes, she does C. No, she doesn’t
( )13. Whose sweater is red
A. My mother’s B. My sister’s C. Mine
( )14. What’s the boy’s friend’s favorite food
A. Chinese food B. Guangdong food C. Beijing Duck
( )15. What would he like for breakfast
A. Noodles B. Porridge C. Dumplings
你将听到两段对话,对话后有5个问题。请在每小题所给的A,B,C三个选项中选出最佳 选项。每段对话读两遍。两遍之间停顿10秒。
( )16. Why does David like to be a reporter
A. He likes to talk. B. He likes to sing C. He likes to dance
( )17. What does Helen want to be
A. An actress B. A reporter C. A teacher
( )18. Who is Nick
A. Her father B. Her grandfather C. Her brother
( )19. Who are Mike and Bob
A. Her friends B. Her brothers C. Her cousins
( )20. Who is Linda
A. Her aunt B. Her sister C. Her grandmother
( )21. How many people are there in Daming’s family
A. There B. Four C. Five
( )22. Where are the flowers
A. On the desk B. On the chair C. On the bed
( )23. What colour is the cat
A. Black B. White C. Brown
( )24. Can Daming ride a bike
A. Yes, he can B. No, he can’t C. We don’t know
( )25. What does Daming like
A. Running B. Singing C. Watching TV
( )26. Where did Mr. and Mrs. Wilson live
A. In the city B. In the country C. In the town
( )27. Why did they like the country
A. Because it was far
B. Because they had a farm in the country
C. Because it was quiet and clean
( )28. Was the old man their uncle
A. Yes, he was
B. No, he wasn’t
C. We don’t know
( )29. what did the old man think were the good thing about the country
A. Everybody knew each other
B. Everybody didn’t know each other
C. It was clean and quiet
( )30. Did the old man think the good things and the bad things in the country were
the same
A. Yes he did
B. No, he didn’t
C. We don’t konw
Ⅱ 笔 试
1. Jim often driks two g____ of juice before lunch.
2. Would you like som s____ in the cereal
3. Tom is w____ a small yellow hat today.
4. The chicken is very d____ on the table.
5. He wants to travel around the w____.
6. ---How many ____ (围巾) can you see --- Three.
7. He is sick , he has a ____ (头疼).
8. Excuse me , I’m new here, I want to go to the movie ____ (电影院).
9. I would like to go to Xi’an in ____ (九月).
10. .My father and my uncle are ____(警察).
1.I have _____ old shirt, ____ colour is blue.
A. a ; It’s B. an; Its C. a; It’s D. an; It’s
2. ---____ a pencil
--- Yes , it is .
A. Is that B. This is C. That is D. Are this
3. --- Liu Qiang ,____ is my friend , His name is Fang Zhixin.
---Nice to meet you.
A. you B. this C. it D. she
4.--- Do you write ____markers --- NO, I don’t.
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