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(范围Modules 1~10)
(时间90分钟 总分120分)
Ⅱ. 单项选择(10分)
(  )21. This is _______“h” and that’s _______“q”. ?
A. a; a   B. a; an  C. an; a   D. an; an
(  )22. —_______ do you like pandas ?
—Because they’re very cute.
A. What B. When C. Why D. How
(  )23. —How many _______do you have ?
—Let me see, my father has two brothers.
A. cousins B. uncles C. sisters D. aunts
(  )24. I want to use the computer. Can you _______
A. turn on it B. turn it on C. turn it off D. turn off it
(  )25. Kate’s mother likes _______and she always _______at home. ?
A. read; reads B. reading; read
C. reading; reads D. read; read
(  )26. —Is there a shop near here, Lucy I want to buy some _______for my art lessons. ?
—Yes. It’s next to the library.
A. pencil B. paper C. book D. picture
(  )27. —_______ ?
—It’s at ten past nine. It’s my favourite subject.
A. What time is your IT lesson B. What’s the time
C. Which subject do you like best D. Do you like IT
(  )28. It’s important _______fruit and vegetables every day.
A. eat B. eats C. to eat D. to eating
(  )29. At the moment, Lucy _______lunch at home. ?
A. has B. have C. has got D. is having
(  )30. —_____?
—That’s a good idea.
A. Shall we go to the zoo B. Do you like lions
C. Giraffes are funny. D. Have you got any apples
Ⅲ. 完形填空(10分)
  I am an American boy. I am thirteen. I 31  in No. 14 Middle School in Shanghai. I often get up  32  half past six from Monday to Friday. I often have a cup of tea, an egg and some bread for 33 . I go to school at half past seven and get there before eight o’clock, and  34_____start at eight. We have four lessons in the 35_____and two in the afternoon. At half past three, we  36 games. I study hard and study well. I like English and I am good at it. Mike is my good friend. We go home together. I do my homework at home, but 37 at school. I like 38 TV very much, but I can only watch it on  39 and Sunday. I often go to  40 at about nine o’clock. ?
(  )31. A. work B. study C. live D. stay
(  )32. A. with B. in C. on D. at
(  )33. A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner D. festival
(  )34. A. films B. jobs C. lessons D. concerts
(  )35. A. afternoon B. morning C. day D. night
(  )36. A. make B. play C. call D. see
(  )37. A. sometimes B. always C. usually D. often
(  )38. A. reading B. watching C. looking D. cleaning
(  )39. A. Monday B. Saturday C. Friday D. Tuesday
(  )40. A. school B. class C. bed D. movies
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