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II.选择填空 从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出能填入相应空白处的最佳答案(15分)
( )23. —What color is it-It’s orange. It’s orange skirt.
A.An , an B./, a C./, an
( )24. —______.
—Yes. B-O-O-K, book.
A. Can you spell it, please B. Is this a book C. How do you spell it
( )25.—______ is the letter from
—From my pen pal in Canada.
A.Where B. Who C. What
( )26. — Is it time_______ dinner
—Yes. It’s time _______ have dinner.
A. for; to B. to; for C. for; for
( )27. Teachers often ask us _____our homework by ourselves(独立).
A. to do B. do C. doing
( )28. —We need ____ books about Beijing Opera.
—Sorry, we don’t have ____ now.
A. some, some B. any, some C. some, any
( )29. —Would you like some hamburgers
—___________. I am full. I can’t eat any more.
A. Yes, please B. Sure C. No, thanks
( )30. Can you read “7:45” in English Sure.
A. seven forty-five B. a quarter to seven C. a quarter past seven
( )31. —Your mother looks very nice in the picture , and you ________ her.
A. look the same B. look like C. look different
( )32. —Is the man in
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