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21.—Look!Who's______girl under the tree?
—Oh,she is my sister,Kate.She is_____honest girl.
A.the;an B.a;the C.the;a D.an;the
22.—Why did Lucy look unhappy?
—Because she was so careless that she made many spelling_____in her homework.
A.friends B.plans C.decisions D.mistakes
23.—Would you please come to play soccer with me?
—Sorry!My 5-year-old brother can't look after_____.
A.him B.himself C.his D.he
24.—Where is Marry flying?
—She is flying to France soon.She will arrive_____Paris_____the morning of July 2.
A.to;on B.at;on C.in;in D.in;on
25.—Roy never likes junk food.
—Neither do I.That's probably why I'm becoming____now.
A.healthy and weak B.healthier and healthier C.weaker and weaker D.more and more healthily21教育网
26.—Jack,did you find our old school yesterday?
—Yes,but with police's help,for it has_____changed over these years.
A.hardly B.partly C.completely D.never
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