[ID:4-6352350] [精]人教版九年级英语(上)期中考试试卷(二)(Unit1-Unit5)(解析+答题卡+ ...
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[ID:4-6352350] [精]人教版九年级英语(上)期中考试试卷(二)(Unit1-Unit5)(解析+答题卡+ ...

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( )21.—Shall we take a school trip tomorrow?
一It ________ the weather.
A.depends on B.lives to C.holds up D.carries on
( )22.The teacher kept ________ the use of the word until the boy could understand it.
A.explained B.explain C.to explain D.explaining
( )23.I think _________ English movies is really helpful for me.
A.watch B.watching C.to watching D.watched
( )24.—I have some questions. But I don’t know what to do.
—I think you can ________ your teacher ________ some advice.
A.ask;to B.ask;of C.ask;for D.ask;at
( )25.I __________ a dog as a pet. But now I keep a cat.
A.used to keep B.used to keeping C.am used to keeping D.am used to keep
( )26.I can't believe _________ we can come back again to watch the races.
A.that B.when C.why D.whether
( )27.Jim's ideas are similar _________ mine, but quite different _________ yours.
A.to; from B.from; to C.with; of D.as; with
( )28._________,we didn’t fail the test.
A.Luck B.Lucky C.Unlucky D.Luckily
( )29.Could you please tell me____________?
A.where is the post office B.where the way to the school
C.how can I get to the park D.how to get to the hotel
( )30.I wonder if there is a bank_________ the store.
A.between B.beside C.across D.next
( )31.He__________ me without a word, but I recognized him.
A.passed by B.past by C.go by D.went by
( )32.—Could you please offer me some___________ in my research?
—Yes, sure.
A.advice B.idea C.message D.suggestion
( )33.Her daughter _________ juice,but now she _________ tea.
A.used to drink;is used to drinking B.used to drinking;drinks
C.is used to drinking;used to drink D.is used to drink;is drinking
( )34.Don't give up! Come on, I know you can make __________.
A.it B.this C.that D.so
( )35.The young man is __________ to save the little boy in the river.
A.enough bravely B.bravely enough C.brave enough D.enough brave
( )36.__________ your grandfather __________ in this factory when he was young?
A.Did; used to work B.Did; used to working
C.Did; use to work D.Did; use to working
( )37.Today,sky lanterns __________ as bright symbols of good wishes.
A.saw B.see C.will see D.are seen
( )38.The computer has influenced people's life since it __________.
A.invents B.invented C.is invented D.was invented
( )39.The teacher realized that the boy was trying to avoid ___________ his eyes.
A.see B.looking C.meeting D.to leave
( )40.I find ___________ hard for me ___________ the work in such a short time.
A.it; finish B.it’s; finishing C.it; to finish D.it; finishing

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